Invoice factoring – a sound choice

Invoice factoring releases valuable funds tied up in unpaid bills – and quickly.

But which factoring firm and which products are right for you? More to the point, who’s offering the best, most dependable service at the most competitive price?

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Simple to set up, easy to operate

Invoice factoring is straightforward and will benefit your business in many way. What’s more, it’s simple to set up and easy to operate. This is how it works:

  • As soon as you sell your goods and services and raise an invoice simply forward a copy to your finance company (the factor).
  • The factor makes up to 85% of the invoice available to you – usually within as little as 48 hours.
  • You choose if and how much you wish to draw on this amount
  • Once the invoice has been settled by your customer, the remaining amount is paid to you – less any fees

These are the main advantages, but invoice factoring has many several others, including:

  • Most factoring companies also have online facilities to allow you to manage your funds easily and quickly
  • Factors traditionally handle the settlement of invoices and chase where necessary – a big benefit for most businesses which need to reduce workload pressures
  • Firms wishing to keep control and liaise with their customers can do that, too. Today, many factors offer a confidential service specifically for the purpose.

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If required factoring companies will happily manage the settlement of your invoices, chasing late payers and keeping on top of outstanding amounts so you don’t have to.
Invoice Factoring Cash Flow

Major benefits for your business

In today’s economic climate, with lending for businesses harder to come by and customers taking longer to pay, invoice factoring is increasingly popular. And because it uses your debtors’ book as security, it’s relatively easy to obtain.

At the same time – as factoring can make funds available to you within just a couple of days – cash flow is dramatically improved.

Being flexible, factoring is also able to grow with your turnover. This means the greater your revenue the more you can draw on, enabling you to focus on growing your business instead of juggling cash flow. Also, with funds quickly available, you are in a better position than ever to leverage discounts for paying suppliers’ invoices early.

If you wish, your factoring company will happily manage settlement of your invoices – chasing late payers and keeping on top of outstanding amounts – so you don’t have to.

Choose the invoices you wish to factor

Today, most companies allow you to choose which invoices you wish them to handle. You don’t have to factor all of them – that’s a thing of the past.

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Excellent value for money

Although the cost of factoring varies from lender to lender, it usually consists of a service fee and interest based on the amount of funds you draw against.

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Trial periods available

Most invoice factoring companies require a contract to be signed. (Twelve months is the maximum). However, some factors do one-off trial periods.

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Flexible – and a good source of extra funding

Although a loan or overdraft might be a sensible choice, you may find you need more funding or a more flexible facility. In this case, consider invoice finance.

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